Friday, October 30, 2009

Great News!

Yesterday morning my doctor called with my test results. Both Carman and I were getting pretty anxious because we thought he was going to call the week before. However, the news was good: clean lungs and liver and stable bones. Of course, I want them to tell me - No Evidence Disease (NED), but I feel like this is the direction my body is heading. PRAISE GOD!

You would think such great news would make me feel fantastic, but yesterday afternoon I started feeling sluggish, and today I feel awfully tired. Maybe a release of stress, or a combination of getting this bug that is floating around. I'm still heading to the Craft Sale this afternoon regardless. I remember last year walking around feeling like a zombie. I've gone to the sale every year since we moved here, but last year I made myself go and felt totally numb with the shock of having cancer. Today, even though I'm not feeling that great, I am looking forward to it!