Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Indian House Wife

Poor Carman. First the picture of him hemming curtains while watching the hockey game, and now today. Carman not only worked the morning at his sales job, then he came home and re-caulked the bathtub, re-sealed the trailer roof, then he came in the house and whipped up some Chicken Masala and rice and some homemade naan bread, yes naan bread. In addition, he made a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies. See all the dishes in the background, well he did all of them too. I LOVE MY MAN!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Ride Video

Another Great Video

Concert Tickets Purchased

Last year when I was feeling awful and laying in bed, I caught the end of an interview of a guy on Canada AM. He said he had created a CD of well known songs by traveling the world and having other musicians playing along with the original recording. It really intrigued me. At that time you could only buy the CD at Starbucks or online. Quite awhile later Carman and I were near a Starbucks (we prefer Second Cup), and I ran into the store to see if thy had any CDs left. They had one - it was unwrapped and in the back. I said I would take it, and it has been my favorite CD ever since.

They have since created a Playing for Change Band and they have only one stop in Canada this fall in Calgary!!!!!!!!!!! You should seriously consider buying a ticket and joinging Carman . I KNOW you will have a memorable night!!! Concert is October 13th at the Mac Hall (at the UofC) and it starts at 7pm.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh, Hello!

I've been getting the usual flack again that I haven't blogged in awhile. To be truthfuly honest I just haven't had the urge to write. But I know people care about me and just want an update now and again. So here it goes....

I am half way through my third cycle of oral chemo and Tykerb (the expensive wonder drug). On a day-to-day basis this chemo is much, much easier than the taxal I was on. However, I still have some side effects: tiredness, cracks between my toes, the odd barff session, and the every wonderful trots. Never before have I had to take care of my feet, but it is pretty much routine now that I lather them up with either George's or Udder Cream - my heels have never looks so good. My last doctor's appointment went well. By the results from my blood test one of the liver tests was stable and the other had improved. And by visually looking at me my doctor thought I was doing great.

I admit I can't always use cancer as an excuse for my lack of productivity some days. I have been bit by the laziness bug I think which I am trying to crack down on. I've given myself a weekly TO-DO list to tackle those things that never seem to get done. This week I have to take the bottles in, take a load of paper to be shredded, make a drop off a Value Village, and touch-up paint some trim that bugs the heck out of me every time a look at it. Today nothing has been crossed off so tomorrow will have to be a busy day.

On the work front I have been taking the odd case on and it feels really great!! I am still not in the position to be working full-time, but I sure enjoy sharing my knowledge. I have been doing some research on real estate investing and dividend portfolios. I would be happy to share my findings with anybody who want to listen - tee hee!

I am also trying to turn over a new leaf. In my pre-cancer days I always looked forward to the fall as I would enroll in classes or get on a new fitness program. I wish my body could once again do a step class, but for now it likes to just go on walks with Charlee. So, this fall my 'new leaf' is I am trying to be more diligent on putting a good tasting meals on the table for when Carman gets home from work. Last week went very well! I made a chicken Tex Mex concoction in the slow cooker served over Mexican rice and then a Lemon Herb Chicken with smashed potatoes and carrots. Yes it was a lot of chicken but my body doesn't seem to be very fond of beef. This week didn't go so well so far. Last night I made the most awful Turkey Vegetable bake that it looked like and tasted like a dog's breakfast that it went straight into the garbage and we ordered in pizza. I hope to redeem myself tomorrow night with a pot roast.

We've been camping a total of 18 nights this summer and hope to get out one more time before the dreaded awful snow comes. Charlee is a great little camper and likes that she gets to sleep all night in the bed with us. I have enjoyed playing a little game which I have called interrogation with my friend Curtis - good times!

I am anxiously awaiting to find out what little bundle of joy my sister Jodi will give birth to. I am guessing a dark featured little girl since her son Jacob is blond blue eyed.

Spiritually I have been trying to get into my thick skull that God does not want me to consider my life beyond today, becuase right now is the gift he has given me. Yes I can hopes and dreams for tomorrow, but I need to live in today.

Lastly, my hair is coming in well but I still can't hold it between my fingers. Carman is already getting on my case that I should die it as the Arctic Fox coloring is fairly prominent. He also was laughing at me that I should try putting some product in because on the sides it is really flat but I get a really weird tuff in the front!