Sunday, May 31, 2009

When You Need Hope

I admit, in the past I have scoffed at Christian television assuming it as hokey and over-the-top. But I find myself drawn several times a week to watch 100 Huntley Street. It is very good television - I know, I know. I have to say, don't mock it until you try it. Take the 100 challenge and PVR it for a week (I should publicly admit that we still don't have a PVR and my husband feels like he is deprived). I am confident you will not only be touched, but encouraged and amazed on some people's stories. Not every day is the show life changing, that is why you have to watch it for a whole week. Then you too will be eating crow.

This week the following clip just gave me so much hope that I hope you watch it. Enjoy!
This is the second of three clips if you want to watch more.

I have gotten several comments on the last 'Bad Ass' picture my sister took. I think she did such a good job so I share another one.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chemo #6

When I started chemo and herceptin my doctor wanted me to get six rounds in. I am thankful that my body could do it! I am physically and emotionally tired and worn-out, but if more chemo is needed I know I could do it. However, I won't like it (nor do I think I have to)!

I spent this past Friday-Monday up in Edmonton for another round of tests (CT, Bone scan, and MUGA scan). I will get the results on June 4th. Then I will find out if I need more of the same chemo, a new type of chemo, or a totally different type of treatment (hormone therapy...).

My sister Tara has taken up photography and I was her first subject. Canada's Next Top Model won't be scouting me out, but she did a great job in making my 'hairless' shots original. Although I am okay with not having hair, I am really ready to have it grow back. The odd time it is hard to look in the mirror and see this sick person looking back. Although I recognize her, I don't always know who is looking back. I will never be the same Brenda I was prior to cancer and I am not quite sure who the new Brenda is either. I was reading an article in Success Magazine about Lance Armstrong and he was sharing that after cancer treatment when I he got on his bike it felt really foreign to him, and he didn't really know what he was supposed to 'do'. That's me. Right now I am just trying to be still and know that he is God and that he has a great plan for my life.