Monday, July 4, 2011


I am waiting to get into a trial study. I have tried just about everything on the product shelf that I can so the next option is to be a step above a lab rat - and I am happy to do so. Carman and I continue to pray that God would provide the treatment that I need.

In the meantime all we can do is patiently wait. Which is not easy to do. I have anxiety about the whole thing, but I have read a lot of great stories of people who have had amazing success with trial drugs, so we still have to hope.

Love is in the Air

I have another sister and her name is Janet. Josh picked a very beautiful bride and I loved going to Kelowna for their wedding. We stayed at our friend Fred's mom and dad's house (which is my dream house) and they spoiled me with great food, constant tea, and a backyard to relax in. I read Nicki Sixx's book the Heroin Diaries which was well written and very revealing - I recommend it if you were ever a Motley Crue fan.


A couple of weekends ago we were out camping and my leg was really starting to bother me. To the point that on Monday morning I could not weight bear at all on my left side. I maneuvered myself into the bathtub which probably wasn't smart. I have a totally new appreciation for what some people have to struggle with just to maintain personal hygiene.

Turns out a large bone tumor right above me knee (in my femur) finally had enough and wanted to make itself known. My left hip has also been bothering me for awhile, but some tumors in there also wanted to join the pain party. I was very concerned that I would be missing my baby brother Josh's wedding on Thursday (to clarify Josh is Carman's baby brother). But the oncologist said they no longer do 5 treatments for bone pain, but just one. That made me so happy that I wouldn't have to miss out on the wedding.

The day after radiation I already had relief and was walking without a limp.

Still Here

I know it has been a while since I have posted, but to be honest, I was just getting tired of sharing my business. I was starting to feel like just because I would post, 'the world' felt like it could comment or talk 'cancer' with me. I am private person and I was finding myself getting uncomfortable. I blog so I don't get a ton of 'how are you feeling' phone calls, and to share my experience with that other cancer victim out there. But I know there are a ton of people out there who love me and generally care how I am feeling. So I promise to do a better job of posting. I just request that people remember this is an extremely painful journey. I may easily share things on my blog, but it does not mean I walk this journey as an 'open book' ready to share anything with anyone.