Monday, April 20, 2009

The Susan Boyle Effect

I think we are all guilty of it, I know I am. You assume you know the outcome, how the situation will unfold. But then, someone like Susan Boyle reminds us we truly don't know what the next moment of our lives will provide. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out this video clip.

My forth round of chemo has been the easiest thus far. When I say easy, I have thrown up less, had less nausea, and a prescription for Adivan is allowing me to have some restful nights when my insomnia is in full force. My second round of Zometa was also was easier - no fever or leg cramping!

I would also like to provide a little lesson on what NOT to say to people who have cancer. On the weekend we were at a fundraiser for Camp Silversides out at Gull Lake. An older lady approached me and asked if I just shave my head or if I had cancer. I shared that I had cancer. She then proceeded to tell me about a family member who shaves his head because they had 3 people in their family die in one year from cancer. Are you kidding me - are you really that rude!!!!! When you see someone struggling with cancer tell them about someone who is a survivor; we all know enough stories of people who have died from it. Class it out.

The nice weather has me planning what flowers I am going to plant this year and we have all outdoor living room all set-up out on the deck.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Support The Alberta Cancer Foundation

I have joined our friend, Bill, in his quest to ride through the Rocky Mountains in the 1st Annual Alberta Ride to Conquer Cancer. Before you jump to any ridiculous conclusions, I am not riding my mountain bike over 200 kms through the mountains, however I have signed on as a crew member and will be providing support, where I can, for Bill and many of the other participants. Crew members help setup the bike route, help prepare and hand out food and beverages, setup the tent city where everyone will stay overnight, as well as many other various tasks. As a crew member, I am also encouraged to raise support, so I have set what I think is a very achievable goal of $3000. This, added to Bill's goal of $5000, brings our teams fundraising goal to $8000. This may seem like a lot, but after looking at some of the other team's goals and funds raised so far, this is definitely very achievable, and if anything, I hope that we can double or triple our goal.

We are constantly asked "What can we do to help?" or "Is there anything we can do for you guys?" and it is always difficult to come up with tangible things that people can do for us. Brenda has received excellent care and treatment at The Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton over the past eight months and that level of care would not be possible without the various fundraising events that happen throughout the year.

So, what can you do? Help us reach our goal and raise support for the Alberta Cancer Foundation, which will distribute those funds to support cancer research and treatment, so that Brenda and others can continue to receive the treatment they need. And hopefully, one day, we can celebrate because a cure has been found and others will not have to live with the dark cloud of cancer hanging over their heads.

For those of you who are able, please follow the link and thank-you, in advance, for your support.