Sunday, August 28, 2011

Trial - making headway

On thursday I got the results from my blood test (to make sure my levels are fit for the trial). My hemoglobin was extremly low so I was asked to go th the Red Deer ER for a blood transfusion. We got there at 3pm and did not get home until 5am. This week the tests continue up in Edmonton. I am worrieed something else will come up _ it is making me anxious.

I will let you know how the rest os the tests go.


marjorie said...

I'm praying that you'll get good test results.

Heather said...

I have been thinking of you and Carman so much! Just yesterday (in my shower)I was trying to think of words to put in an email to you!! I haven't seen your beautiful, joy-filled face since that night in Restaurant 27, I believe!

I am praying for your results! Good to know you are so close to your trial! I am praying it is most definitely yours!

Anika said...

Good test results....good test results....good test results -- I'm hoping and praying for you and thinking about you! XOXO Anika

pjfriesen said...

Praying all comes back good. Lifting you to the Lord to ease the anxiety.

aceval said...

Brenda and Carman
God Bless you in your journey and may your faith continue to sustain you both. I wear the jewellery I purchased at your party in July and have had many comments on it...stay sweet as you are ever in my prayers.

Val W

jeremy said...

You have such a strong faith. Keep it that way.
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Shahrukh said...

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